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The Purpose of the Breeze
Posted on Oct 2nd, 2014

                         A Note From Our Communications Committee:
                                          The Purpose of the Breeze Magazine
                  The Breeze is a monthly magazine that provides information of interest to residents of the Four Seasons Community.
                  The Breeze publishes committee, club and group reports, calendars of events, stories and photos relating to issues and events within the community- both upcoming and recently completed - and other articles deemed of general interest to community residents. It does not publish letters to the editor or editorials - in other words it does not take or advocate positions on issues before the community. The place for such advocacy is before the HOA Board or its committees.
                Also, the Breeze does not carry obituaries, only death notices under the heading of "Farewell to Friends." Forms for the notices are available at the Lodge desk.
                Residents are encouraged to submit articles and photos, subject to approval by the committee. Submissions must be of general interest to the community and may not contain libel, privacy invasion, attacks on individuals or copyright violations. Anonymous submissions will not be considered. Articles can be no longer than 400 words. Exceptions will be made, at the committee's discretion, for events of unusual importance.
               The Four Seasons website adheres to the same guidelines, except that space is not as limited as it is in the Breeze, so longer items can be considered.
               There is an exception to the advocacy rule. The Davis-Sterling Act, which governs common interest developments like Four Seasons, requires the Breeze to publish residents' opinions on issues that will be brought to a vote across the community. In that event, the Breeze will publish opinions on both sides of the matter.